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Cosmo and Dogo at CodeGalaxy.io
"You will learn and retain more in one hour of testing than you would if you spent one hour studying.
Testing, it seems, has a wonderful way of concentrating the mind."
- Learning how to learn. Coursera.org
CodeGalaxy - How it works?

1. Answer the questions

We've created a set of questions designed to help you learn material you’re interested in.

2. Build a model of your knowledge

Our magical technology models your brain. The more you answer, the better we understand your knowledge level.

3. Schedule Review and Progress questions

So that you master new topics while reviewing those you already know.

4. Explain you things you don't know

Get detailed explanation on each question in the topic you're interested in.

5. See your statistics

Track your progress with detailed statistics and improve your learning process.


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